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About SolarWise

    SolarWise is a solar thermal company specializing in the design and installation of the best solar hot water & heating systems. Solar thermal systems will give the fastest payback & the largest greenhouse gas reduction of all the renewable technologies. We offer a range of systems from the most affordable entry-level systems to custom designed commercial systems. We enclose a chart of our basic DHW systems and pricing. Radiant heating interfacing can be quoted on a per project basis. Robert Althouse heads SolarWise, bringing 25 plus years of experience, designing and building solar and sustainable structures, both commercial and residential.


SolarWise services include:

  • Consulting on custom designs for solar thermal, passive solar, and energy conservation

  • Sales and/or installation of residential & commercial solar hot water systems

  • Solar radiant heating systems

  • Sales and/or installation of energy saving accessories such as:

  • Shower heat recovery drains

  • Sunbender” passive skylight reflectors, which add winter heat gain and summer cooling to horizontal skylights

  • Wireless, remote controlled “on demand” hot water recirculators

  • Solar hydronic towel rack/radiators for bathrooms